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Electric Bike service and repair packages (including e-scooters)

With more than 30 years looking after all types and styles of bikes and e-bikes, we pride ourselves in being able to service or repair almost all electric bikes. At the UK Electric Bike Centre we charge £40 per hour plus parts and have a number of qualified mechanics and electricians that will be able to assist you.

BATTERY TESTING - We can check and test your battery for £30 and determine if the cells have failed and let you know the Ah of the battery

Service Introductions

We have been voted the best e-bike Service and Repair centre in the South East

Servicing and repairing your electric bike is almost the same as a conventional push bike. On purchasing your bike you will receive a comprehensive manual will explain how to maintain your electric bike.

Tyres, chains, brakes and gears will require attention from time to time, however, as these parts are the same as those used on conventional push bikes they can easily be maintained by any bike shop. The electric motors on all our models are designed to be maintenance free as are the batteries.

Warranty For additional peace of mind all our electric bikes come comprehensive warranty

Warranty's will vary by brand and range between 2 and 5 years. Usually you can anticipate 2 years on the electrics and batteries and up to 5 years on your frame.

We offer ex hire, used and demo bikes. These all come with a 3 month warranty.

The UK Electric Bike Centre will be happy to service and maintain your electric bike for you at our Mid Kent shop in Biddenden.

Professionally Trained Technicians


At the UK Electric Bike Centre we have a wealth of expertise when dealing from electric bikes. Apart from being cycle mad, we have cytech mechanics, electricians and 30+years of experience. 

Service Packages

Recycling Bikes

Recycling Bikes

With our repairs, we aim to be as green as our e-bikes and recycle as much as we can and work with Velorim that helps to stop some of the 44,000 tonnes of cycle parts in landfil.

FAQs for Repairs & Maintenance

Need Help?

Call us on +44 1622 890300 or +44 7904 287485 during opening hours. Alternatively contact us online and we'll respond to your enquiry.