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Ultimate Guide to Purchasing an E-Bike

When choosing an electric bike the most important thing is comfort. Most electric bikes, with a little effort will get you up a hill!

In our opinion please consider the following:

1. Do you want a step through or cross bar bike

2. Do you want a "sit up and beg" style bike or one with a flatter handle bar or mountain e-bike where you typically lean forwards.

3. What range will you ride? We suggest you always buy a battery one size bigger than you expect. This is due the fact most people go for longer distances on an ebike... just becuase you can. Ebikes range from 30-90 miles.

4. What terrain will you be riding on? Road, off road or an old railway track or a combination. Many of our bikes ae hybrid so you can do both?

5. Budget - a good electric bike will cost from £1100 to £10,000 plus. Our sale fleet range from £1100 to about £4000.

When you come to us we will go through everything so you can make an informed choice and then test ride the bikes to make sure you get the right one.

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