Corporate Supply

With increasing awareness about health, fitness and the environment, cycling is one the fastest growing leisure activities in the UK, with cycling levels expected to increase dramatically over the next few years.

The UK Electric Bike Centre Ltd has formed a partnership with leading electric bike manufacturers, FreeGo to supply quality electric bikes to businesses.  Electric bikes can either be purchased outright at the best possible price, or leased over a 2 year period from as little as £9 per week (other length leases are also available). 

The electric bicycle takes the strain out of cycling, which is ideal for those who do not enjoy a workout or feel fit enough to tackle hills but want to part take in some form of exercise. Alternatively, the electric bike can be switched off and the bike ridden conventionally. The electric bike is incredibly user friendly and battery will take you between 40 to 60 miles at a top speed of 15mph and it also costs only 3-5p to charge a battery.

Why lease an electric bike?

A quality electric bike costs between £1000 and £2000 (and can be more). In today’s climate this can prove prohibitive for some. Our leasing scheme allows VAT registered business users to lease electric bikes at £9 per bike per week for a 2 year period (other length leases are also available).

What are the benefits of your leasing scheme?

Here are just some of the benefits of leasing electric bikes:


  • The lease offers all the benefits of ownership but without the burden
  • Very low fixed monthly leasing payments to enable a business the usage of electric bikes without the initial financial outlay
  • Lease payments can normally be offset against taxable profits (please talk with a professional for in depth advice on taxation connected with leasing).
  • Bikes can be customised - corporate colours, logo etc.
  • Can be re rented out to deliver a healthy income stream
  • Can be used as an employee benefit
  • No licence required
  • No fuel, parking, vehicle running costs etc.
  • Can be used by anybody - over 14 years of age
  • Choice of frames available, including a folding electric bike, ideal for the commute

What type of companies could benefit from electric bikes?

• Holiday Parks • Hotels • Councils • Boating Marinas • Bike Hire Companies • Offices • Retirement Homes • Warehouses • Leisure and Outdoor Centres • Factories • Universities • Small businesses

Leisure Industry

For HolidayParks, AdventureParks, Country estates, Hotels and Retirement Homes located in the countryside what could be better than your residents enjoying freedom and fresh air without having to use the car? Leisure Centres can provide them as alternative exercise which gets people out and about and include cycle routes in the local area. Hiring the bikes out to clientele would easily cover initial costs and could be a productive income stream, as well as a promotional tool.

Business Usage

Providing a low cost electric bike rental scheme for your staff can provide advantages for them and the company. They would save money on their commuting costs and you would have a fitter, healthier, happier workforce. There would be no more public transport fares or increasing fuel and parking/congestion charges. Your company will also help to lower emissions in the local area and take the strain off the ever congested road systems. No more sitting in traffic jams to commute just a few miles.

What services does the UK Electric Bike Centre Ltd provide in addition to supplying bikes?

If you decided to purchase or lease FreeGo electric bikes through us we can provide the following if required:

  • Establish an electric bike hire point to complement your existing leisure offering
  • Create a local map in conjunction with a GPS system showing routes of varying distances and difficulties. This could also include local points of interest
  • Organise local days out and tours on ebikes, which could be advertised by your business
  • Supply conventional bikes if required
  • Deliver a comprehensive aftercare and maintenance service for all bikes purchased or leased
  • Customise bikes – logo/colour etc
  • Bike accessories as required

What happens at the end of the agreement?

At the end of the term, the bike can be returned to us, or the bike can be purchased at a minimal cost and title passes to the user.

I’m interested – what's next?

We understand that all businesses will have individual requirements based on the number of staff and uses for the electric bicycles. To discuss your own requirements, please contact us so we can tailor a flexible lease that fits into your budget or advise you on the best model to purchase. This will then give you the maximum opportunity to generate income from the bikes should you so wish. You must be VAT registered and the minimum order quantity is 2 bikes.

We would be delighted to give you and your staff a demonstration at your convenience, so please don’t hesitate to contact us .