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A Family run British business located in Lincolnshire that specialisises in electric bikes. They are partnered with a Danish firm that produces the well bult Danish frames and the whole electric system is matched and designed together giving better efficiencies.      


This British brand is backed by Delbanco Meyer which is a UK company with an 80 year history of making innovative products. The Bikes are unique designs for Emu and are researched and specified by experts in the UK. The bikes use hgh quality Shimano brakes and gears and a patented in frame battery. The Emu mantra is " Roam Free " because like the bird the bikes are designed to travel and to take you to new places.    


The Haibike moto is : What drives us is the daily challenge, not ony to keep up, but always to innovate and be one step ahead. With this vision Haibike has been developing bikes for different riders and different needs for almost 25 years.    


Based in South Yorkshire with over 10 years expertise in ebikes. Using handmade magnesium alloy frames of the highest quality and featuring the latest ebike technology and components all built to the highest quality. Oxygen ebikes are quiet and effiecient bringing an enjoyable ride at the perfect price.   


Wisper is based in Kent and has been offering the highest quality electric bikes since 2005. They use the latest motor and battery technology. The Wisper name has been synonomous with reliability, stunning design and unparalleled service. Whether you are looking for a folding bike or an adventure bike Wisper will have something that suits your needs.