Adult ebike stabilisers

Brand: RooDog

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RRP £229.99 plus fitting


Adult Bike Stabilisers - Ideal for electric bikes

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Adult Bike Stabilisers can fit most bikes with 20-29 inch wheels.

The stabilisers/training wheels are ideal if you have lost confidence on two wheels, have balance problems or missed out on learning to ride a bike.

They are also a good alternative to a trike and if you don’t have the space or the means to transport one. The stabilisers are easily detachable. Therefore you can put your bike on a normal bike carrier and simply attach the stabilisers when you reach your destination.

Made of strong heavy duty steel which has been test approved and certified to EN and JIS standards.

The stabilisers come with mounting plates that attach to the rear wheel and can be left on the bike.

Fitting costs £50 or we can send them to you for self assembly

You can also easily remove the stabilisers for transportation.