How does an electric bike work?

You ride an electric bike in exactly the same way as a pedal bike.  The difference is that when you pedal, the motor kicks in to help you. There are various motor settings so it is possible to cycle without making any effort at all. Alternatively, you can switch the motor off and ride your bike conventionally. The bike also has a throttle that can be engaged to help at specific times, for example when setting off quickly at a junction. 


In January 2016 the law on the electric bike trottle changes to come in line with the UK. All bikes bought prior to January will have grandfather rights and will be legal. All new bikes are allowed to have a throttle but they will be limited to 4mph

Who can use an electric bike?

Anyone over the age of 14. The lightweight folding electric bike is ideal for commuting or taking on holiday, whilst other models are best suited for country cycle rides or running daily errands.  As the electric motor takes the strain out of strenuous cycling, the electric bike is also ideal for the older cyclist.

Do I need a driving licence?

No. Driver's license is no longer needed for you to drive an electric bicycle.

What makes our electric bikes the best?

We have extensive knowledge of the cycling industry and have tried and tested many brands and models so we can be sure you are getting only the best electric bikes on the market. We have also ensured that the batteries on our bikes are simply the most efficient and reliable available.  Our electric bicycles may not be the cheapest or the most expensive, but they are the best value for money. 

How fast and how far can I cycle?

The power assisted function will take you up to 15.5mph which is the legal limit for electronically assisted vehicles. Naturally, you can cycle faster conventionally.

The battery will take you between 40 to 100 miles depending on the battery chosen, terrain and individual weight. There are two types of battery -  a 10Ah and a 17Ah

How long does it take to charge my bike?

4-6 hours will fully charge a virtually empty battery through any mains outlet. We advise that you charge your battery every fortnight even when not using it. 

How do I know when my battery needs recharging?

Most have a battery level indicator which clearly shows when recharging is required. 

How much does it cost to recharge my battery?

Based on current electricity costs, it will cost 3-5p (approx) for a full charge.

How long is the battery life?

No battery can last a lifetime.  However, the lifespan of any battery will vary according to how much it is used. The FreeGo and Oxygen Electric Bike battery has a guarantee of 2 years.

How can I secure my bike?

Secure the bike in the same way as any conventional bike.  Some electric bicycle models also come with a self lock system. All our batteries can either be locked in place or removed for extra peace of mind. 

How much to batteries weigh?

Approximately 2 - 3kgs typically

What are the cost implications of buying an electric bike?

After the initial cost of purchase, and apart from the charging and general maintenance costs, there are no other charges as the electric bike is exempt from Road Tax and you do not need an MOT.  You do not need to pay to park an e-bicycle and the electric bike is exempt from London congestion charges. Although insurance is not a legal requirement, we would recommend taking out separate cycle insurance.

How do I maintain my electric bike?

Maintenance of an E-bicycle is exactly the same as a conventional pedal bike.  A service once a year is recommended. The UK Electric Bike Centre can service most bikes as long as we can get spares

How safe is an electric bike?

It is as safe to ride an electric bike as a conventional one.  Some would argue that it is safer as you can engage the power when tired so are less likely to swerve in the road.  The lithium polymer batteries on our folding electric bikes are the safest on the market. 

Although not a legal requirement, as with a conventional bike, we would strongly recommend wearing a helmet.

What is the cycle to work sheme and am I eligible?

The cycle to work scheme is open to all in employment and applies to electronically assisted bikes as well as conventional bikes.