Wisper 806 Torque Folding Bike

Brand: Wisper

RRP £1,649.00 with a 375Wh battery or £1,799.00 with a 575Wh battery, £1,949 with 700Wh battery


The 806 Torque Folding Bike is Wisper's go to bike for any cyclist that is mindful of space or likes to travel with their bicycle.  Whether you enjoy camping, caravanning, boating holidays or you have a need to stow your bike away at your place of work or at home then the 806 Torque folding bike is the perfect solution.

Additionally with its very low step over height, easily adjustable saddle and telescopic handlebar position, the Wisper 806 is very accessible for the smaller rider, whilst also catering for the taller rider.  This compact ebike provides an environmentally friendly form of transport that is cheap to run and ideal for navigating city streets or country lanes.


  • Battery Life:
  • Charge Time:
  • Max Speed:
  • Number of Gears:
  • Max Distance:

Full Details


Wisper High efficiency, 250W ultra hi torque brushless motor and silent ride technology


Wisper torque and cadence sensors


Lithium Medium range 375Wh
Samsung Long range 575Wh

Assisted range

375Wh battery up to 50 miles
575Wh battery up to 75 miles


Wisper Back lit LCD display panel

Bicycle weight

375Wh: 22kg
575Wh: 23kg


Hand welded, 6061 Alloy T4 and T6 tempered, folding

Folded size

D 300mm x W 1000mm x H 700mm

Frame size

16” 40.6cm


Graphite Silk