Raleigh Motus Low Step Hub Gear

Brand: Raleigh

RRP ££2,150 with 400Wh battery


eBike with Bosch Active Line System, widely regarded as the best eBike system currently available.


  • Battery Life:
  • Charge Time:
  • Max Speed:
  • Number of Gears:
  • Max Distance:

Full Details

The Raleigh Motus electric bike is one of the best electric bikes created by Raleigh to date and is exceptionally reliable, well made and comfortable to ride. The Raleigh Motus is also one of the most affordable electric bikes to use the Bosch Active Line eBike system, widely regarded by many to be the best eBike system currently available.

The new generation Bosch Active Line System allows for smoother acceleration whilst shifting gears giving the most incredible combination of mechanical and electrical pedelec technology.  It has an average of 60 miles range in eco mode with an inconspicuous middle motor.  

The Motus Bronze has both front and back mudguards, a rear rack for panniers, an integrated front light, an exceptionally comfortable saddle and front suspension. Braking is covered by the tried and tested shimano m315 hydraulic disc brakes, that provided excellent braking. The eBike is also equipped with Schwalbe's ebike specific Energizer tyres.